Why You Should Add Live Streaming Video to your Marketing Mix

In this series, we’ve been trying to offer you the benefit of my experience using live streaming video in order to expand almost any business in terms of traffic, branding, and profits.

The most important thing to consider, before creating each video, will be what your goals are. Being clear about what you wish to accomplish will enable you to create the right type of video for your target audience and be clear from the outset about how you are going to measure the success of your efforts. Do you just want to expand your audience or make more sales? You will measure one in terms of the number of views to the video, the other in terms of the dollar value of your profits for the product you are promoting.

Another key factor before filming any video is to do enough niche research to know who your ideal customer is in your niche and what their pain points are. NEVER make the mistake of thinking that everyone will want your product. This is the kind of “scattershot” approach seen in TV ads. How many of the items did you see advertised recently did you really need or want? How many did you actually buy? If youíre anything like me, you bought very few or none.

By contrast, Internet marketing has been such a huge success story because it allows marketers to target exactly the audience they want, through search engine optimization and pay per click advertising based around niche-related keywords. “This guide will teach complete beginners how to cut the perfect triangles for your entire gorgeous quilting project”, tells everyone exactly what they need to know about the product you are offering.

This kind of clear description of your video and/or the product you are trying to sell ensures no one wastes any time and there is no confusion or false advertising. All the content you create will then support your followers in your niche.

Pre-recorded video is great, but there is nothing like the thrill of live streaming video at live events, webinars, concerts, even sermons. Life coaches, teachers, business experts, and more, are all making the most of LSV to connect with their audience like never before. From short, sharp videos via Periscope and Meerkat, to full-length productions embedded in your website pages and perhaps even syndicated to other niche-related websites, more visibility and increased audience engagement is sure to lead to more sales.

In case you’ve been hesitating to use LSV for your marketing because you think itís too expensive or beyond your level of technical expertise, we hope youíve discovered in this series just how easy it can actually be.

Yes, it will take some time and effort to plan your own video channel, but it can be a lot faster than producing pages and pages of website or blog content. Video is not going away. Viewership is increasing every day. If youíre not already offering pre-recorded and LSV, you’re already getting left behind. Itís time to play catch up so you can expand your business, increase your profits, and gain the audience attention and engagement your great business deserves.

Cheers to you and to your success!

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