What Equipment Does the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Use?

The Joe Rogan Podcast is hosted by well-known comedian and television personality, Joe Rogan. This podcast has gained a massive following in recent years for its entertaining stories of life experience, mixed with current events and political commentary.

The show features guest interviews with famous actors, musicians, or personalities who have found success in their respective fields while facing adversity along the way. Guests range from business magnate Elon Musk to retired professional wrestler Mick Foley to actor Tom Arnold (who was also one of the show’s original co-hosts). These guests join Joe for a conversation about their life stories, offering a unique perspective on their experiences.

The show’s success has grown organically over the years by focusing on cultivating a fan base that appreciates the high quality of its content. What’s the secret to their success? It starts with quality sound recording. I’ve included links to some gear as well. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

In order to produce a show that sounds as good as The Joe Rogan Podcast, you need some serious equipment. In this article, we will discuss what equipment is used by the hosts and crew in order to make this award-winning show possible.


The microphones used on the Joe Rogan Podcast are the Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone, the Blue Yeti Condenser Microphone, and the Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Microphone.

These microphones are different in their application, but they all achieve superior sound quality that is needed when interviewing a variety of guests who come from various professional backgrounds.

The Shure SM7B is a dynamic microphone that is often used in radio, but also frequently for voice recording because of its high-quality bass response. This microphone has exceptional sound pressure level (SPL) handling capabilities, which is especially important when interviewing loud personalities like Joe Rogan himself or professional wrestler Bill Goldberg.

The Blue Yeti condenser microphone is a cardioid condenser microphone that can pick up sound from all directions. This allows the host to be near the guest while also being able to pick up sound in front of them, which is useful in minimizing the noise in the recording studio’s environment.

The Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Microphone is a microphone that can plug directly into any computer using a USB cord. This is very useful for people who must travel often and still want to record high-quality audio without taking up too much space.

Microphone Boom Stand

The microphone boom stand used on the Joe Rogan Podcast for the longest time prior to his recent upgrade to the studio in 2021 was the Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desktop Mounted Broadcast Microphone Boom Stand (3000 Series). This microphone boom stand uses a simple yet effective design that allows it to be adjustable and lightweight while still being very sturdy.

The Gator Frameworks boom stand is not only used by the Joe Rogan Podcast but many others as well because of its high-quality design and ability to hold different types of microphones. It is made of aluminum and steel. This high-quality microphone boom stand is meant to be lightweight, but it’s sturdy enough to hold dynamic microphones like the Shure SM7B.

There are two primary types of microphone boom stands that are used for studio recording applications: straight and coiled. Straight booms have a fixed length, whereas coiled booms telescope to allow you to adjust the boom length during setup.

The straight mic boom stand is less expensive than the coiled version, but it’s also less versatile. This type of boom stand doesn’t collapse, so it’s often too large to fit in a small recording space. They also tend not to have adjustable counterweights, which can make moving them difficult.

The coiled mic boom stand collapses down so that it takes up less space and is more portable than the straight version, but you will likely need a separate counterweight if you want to prevent the mic from tipping over.

Recently we see he has been using the O.C. White Ultima 2 (aka O.C. White Limited-Edition ProBoom Ultima Gen2 Ultralow-Profile Adjustable Mic Boom) which is not as easy to track down, however you can pick one up on B&H Photo and a few other places.


On the Joe Rogan podcast, a Sennheiser HD280 Pro is used to monitor the microphone input. These headphones are designed for professional audio engineers and musicians, so they’re popular among podcasters as well. They provide a flat and accurate frequency response and the ability to ignore peripheral sounds while still providing enough sound isolation.

Headphones are used by the Joe Rogan Podcast guests and producers to monitor their microphone input while they’re speaking. This is done so that everyone has an idea of how their voice sounds, which can be helpful for making adjustments or fixing problems in post-production.

The most common type of headphones is either open ear or closed ear. Open-ear headphones are usually preferred by musicians who want to be able to hear their surroundings while recording. They don’t tend to leak as much sound, which is helpful if you record in an environment where sound can easily escape (like near loudspeakers).

Closed-ear headphones are more common because they’re typically their own sealed acoustic chamber, which means that the sound won’t leak out and will stay isolated. If you record in a studio with other people, then closed-ear headphones are usually the best option for preventing feedback loops or picking up sounds that shouldn’t get picked up by your microphone.

Closed-ear headphones are used in the Joe Rogan Podcast. 

Mixing Board

The mixing board that Joe Rogan uses is a Behringer Xenyx X1222USB Premium 16-Input 2/2-Bus Mixer. This is a very popular mixer for podcasters because it has everything you need to record an episode without spending too much money. It’s built with four stereo inputs, six microphone inputs, four microphone preamps, and compressors.

The mixer is an optional piece of equipment but can be highly beneficial for certain podcasts. A mixer can be used to remove unwanted sounds from each microphone’s input. If you have noisy guests or a noisy room, then a mixer can help reduce the noise with equalization knobs and compressors. A compressor essentially limits the range of an audio signal’s loudness, which can be helpful if one guest is significantly louder than another during a recording.

The mixing board is used during the recording process to provide more control over the sound that Joe Rogan and his guests are producing. A standard mixing board will have at least one microphone input, which allows you to plug in a microphone, two built-in preamplifiers, equalization knobs, panning knobs, compression knobs, and output jacks to hook the board up to an audio recorder or recording interface.

A mixer can help you optimize your sound by allowing you to adjust several different things at once, which is especially helpful for live recordings where multiple guests are speaking at once. The mixers used during the Joe Rogan podcast also have built-in limiters that can help reduce the microphone’s dynamic range and keep their levels under control.


The Joe Rogan podcast uses a Canon VIXIA Full HD Camcorder to capture the video footage of their guests. These cameras can shoot in several different resolutions and frame rates, which is helpful for a variety of projects. They have a built-in microphone that’s good enough to get the job done, or you can attach an external microphone to improve sound quality.

The Joe Rogan podcast uses a camera to film their guest during the show. This way they can put the video on YouTube for their audience to enjoy. The camera they use is compact and easy to transport, which makes it a popular choice among podcasters who travel frequently.

The camera is an optional piece of equipment in addition to a microphone. The video footage that the Joe Rogan Podcast uses is recorded to give their viewers an animated way to visualize what’s being talked about at any given time. Video can also help you explain concepts or products in a more interactive way.

Any camcorder should work well if you’re looking for a cheap and easy solution to help improve your video podcasts. However, if you’re looking for high-quality video, then the high-end camcorders will provide significantly better results.


The Joe Rogan Podcast is a great example of how equipment can make or break the quality and effectiveness of your content. The podcast has gained notoriety over recent years for its high-quality sound and video footage.

We hope this article helped you understand what gear makes the show possible and we encourage you to think about adding some new pieces in order to improve your own recordings!

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