Tips on How to Create Better Live Stream Videos and Events

In the last blog post, we discussed the range of content that you can use to try to attract a steady flow of interested viewers. In this post, we want to discuss how to create better videos in order to keep your audience coming back for more. Even better, we will discuss how to make videos so interesting that your viewers will want to spread the word about them.

The most important step is to plan each video. What do you want it to accomplish? As we discussed, you can use many different formats. Not all video is made for the same purpose. Therefore, you need to ask yourself what youíre hoping to get from the video you are creating.

Goals can include:

  • growing and engaging your social following
  • driving traffic from social media to your brandís website
  • driving traffic from the search engines to your website
  • engaging viewers already visiting to your website
  • encouraging repeat visits from people coming to your site
  • building brand recognition and awareness
  • making money from the video indirectly through product sales
  • making money from the video directly through selling it as part of a membership site or coaching program, pay per view, and so on

Once you set your goal, you can choose the right format and the right length for your video. You can then consider where to shoot your video, the contents to include in your video, and how to go about sharing your video through the right marketing tactics.

As a rule, most viewers have very short attention spans these days, and tend to ësnackí on content. The Smartphone revolution allows people to access all forms of content anywhere, such as when they are in the supermarket trying to figure out what to make for dinner. A written recipe for chicken cacciatore is good, but a how-to demonstration video is even better.

Your video should be focused on one subject and titled clearly using keywords you wish to rank highly on in relation to your niche. Pay special attention to your video description as well. Use keywords and make the video sound exciting.

Social sites

Where you plan to link to or show the content will be key. Short, sharp, eye-catching videos are perfect for social networks to drive traffic and engagement. Longer and more detailed videos will be perfect for building brand and marketing paid products.

Your own site

When putting video on your own site, donít forget to create a clear title and a brief, keyword description or introduction above the video player. Add keyword content or a transcript below the video to give a context to both the viewer and the search engines.

Technical aspects

It should go without saying, but your video needs to be clear, with audible sound. Above all, there should be a reason why it is live versus pre-recorded, such as a recipe demo.

With so many videos available to watch online, your videos need to be a cut above the norm. They also need to be well organized in order to drive traffic to them. Above all, your live streaming has to be live for a reason. The buzz of a live event or demonstration canít be topped. Itís just a question of what exciting things youíre going to show them.

Now that you know how to create great video-based content of different types, and how to make it as exciting as possible for your viewers, in the next post, we will discuss how to grow your fan base with LSVs.

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