The Types of Content You Can Create for Your Live Streaming Videos

In the last blog post in this series, we outlined the main things to look for in a robust live streaming video platform. But it is important not to get so hung up on the technical aspects that you lose sight of the human ones, that of attracting an audience and keeping them watching by offering the kind of content they are eager for.

In the same way that there is a variety of valuable written content online, there is also a range of video content. As the name suggests, the emphasis will be on the visual. Live images should be interesting and well set up, that is, in frame, and in focus. You donít need a lot of crazy Hollywood camera work. What you do need is interesting verbal content to match the compelling visuals.

If we think of the most successful forms of written content, you can marry the two to create a great channel for viewers interested in your niche. Top 10 lists are always popular. So too are side by side comparisons of two products or services, with insider tips on how to make the most of each.

Frequently Asked Questions is another favorite, to help the audience dig deeper into a topic. You can do this off screen if you are really camera shy by letting the video images help answer the questions for you, or you can sit in front of the camera to tell all.

Ask the Expert is another great format that works well for written and video content. Now in case you just read that and are thinking, I’m not an expert, I’m way too shy to perform live in front of people, here are a couple of secrets.

The first is that there is a huge beginner audience out there interested in a particular topic. You as a coach or instructor donít have to be at the top of your field with 20 years of experience. You just have to be more skilled than the people you are trying to coach.

As for being shy, you are not dealing with humans face to face in most cases, unless you have a live audience in front of you while you are creating the video. You can control the content, conditions, and connection with your audience.

For example, you might decide to take questions from your online audience every so often and answer them. However, hereís another hint-you can write the questions yourself and have the answers all ready.

LSV is also good for tip lists. These are super quick to create and help show your expertise. Sharing them via video also helps establish a connection with your target audience because it’s like you are sitting across from them, offering advice.

Other ways to position yourself as an expert are to post video reviews, and be interviewed on camera. Again, this allows your target audience to get to know you and make them feel that you are some one worth doing business with.

Live demonstrations to teach certain skills will always be well received by niche audiences. How to train your dog to sit or how to cut the perfect fabric triangles for quilting can be fully captured by video in a way that even the best-illustrated book canít.

If you are not just marketing your own personal expertise as a life coach or teacher, but trying to build up a business and brand, product videos for each item you wish to sell will be a must. Show off all the features, and explain the benefits.

A tour of the business, insider peek into new product creation, and ëbehind the scenesí content will always find an audience.

Now that you know about the most popular kinds of video content, letís look in the next blog post at tips on how to make better videos.

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