How to Grow Your Fan Base with Live Streaming Video

There are a number of ways to grow your fan base with live streaming video (LSV). As with pre-recorded video, those who learn visually, or wish to be entertained as well as educated, will be eager to see LSVs that are related to the topics they are most interested in.

Know your niche

The first main step is to know your niche and understand their needs and interests. Search on Facebook and Yahoo! for groups. Visit discussion boards and chat rooms. What is everyone talking about? What do they wish they knew? What are they willing to buy, if only they could find it? They might even be saying they are wondering which item is the best.

If you can provide content to meet these needs and answer these questions, you can position yourself as an expert or company worth doing business with.

Create content for them to consume

Use Meerkat and Periscope to create short, sharp video streams to engage and grow your audience without having to spend hours writing long blog posts or Hollywood-quality videos. With just the click of a button, you can use Periscope to tweet with your followers and share exclusive, behind-the-scenes content. Meerkat has a number of interesting features that will make your live streaming video unique, exciting and engaging.

The main question will be live, versus pre-recorded. Try these live ideas for maximum impact.

1 – The great debate

Pick controversial topics, invite colleagues or experts with opposing viewpoints, and let the fur fly. Include audience questions and participation and see what a difference it can make to your traffic. Everyone you include will be able to bring social followers of their own, so everyone can join in the fun and expand your online community.

2 – Awesome unboxing and collection sharing

Unboxing is already huge on YouTube because people are very busy and love to watch videos of products they are thinking of buying. Unboxing can become a live stream show that will enable you to share your latest acquisition and show your hands=on experience with it.

Do you have products you would like to sell or recommend? Put them into an essential collection no serious follower of your niche (such as a beginning golfer or quilter) should do without.

Invite comments from the audience about their own experiences with the item/s, or tips on getting the most out of it, and see how eagerly your niche audience will eat up your content.

3 – Ask the Expert

Set a date and time and tell your audience that you will be online to answer their questions. Make sure itís a reoccurring date and time so your followers know when to log on to participate. Give opportunities to have your audience ask you questions you can answer, all through a live stream show. Donít worry. Periscope and Meerkat enable you to censor people who are being rude, so all you have to do is answer the questions you wish.

Do you worry that you wonít get enough audience participation? Organize a list of FAQS and use them if your live audience starts to dry up.

Growing your fan base is an important part of running any online business in the modern world. Live streaming video can be one of the fastest ways to accomplish this once you know how.

In the next blog post in this series, weíll discuss various ways to make money from your LSVs.

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