How to Convert Your Audience into Customers

Once you have increased your fan base, and engaged your audience with your live streaming video, itís time to convert your audience into customers. Here are a few of the most effective ways to do this:

1 – Know your niche

Know their pain points and address their issues. If youíre not sure, survey them. Donít keep cranking out content and products you think they should be interested in. Put in the time to find out EXACTLY what they are interested in.

2 – Create content and products for them

Take the information from your niche research, surveys, and customer feedback, and create content and products for them that offer effective solutions at price points the market will bear.

3 – Create marketing personas

  • These are a mini-biography of your ideal customer. What do you know about their:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Profession
  • Interests
  • Problems and challenges they face

Use the personas to guide the theme, style, tone, and formatting of all your content. Treat your prospects like people and they will become buyers.

4 – Create effective products that offer real solutions

If your offer an ebook, course, webinar series or membership site about topics like:

  • How to make more money
  • Ways to boost self-confidence
  • How to create great presentations using PowerPoint

Be sure your product meets all of the ëpromisesí given in the videos and other marketing materials.

5 – Be clear about who the product is for

Donít make the mistake of thinking, ìEveryone will be interested in this product,î because you will end up selling to no one. Be clear.
Examples: This is ideal for new dog owners who are having trouble getting their dog to sit.

6 – Make them hungry for your solution

Demonstrate that it not only works, but how much better their life will be once they own it.

7 – Make them an offer they would be foolish to refuse

Modern marketing research has revealed that consumers are more motivated by fear of loss than they are by desire for gain, so create all of your offers in terms of them not missing out on the great offer they are seeing on your page and/or in your video.

8 – Create new products and content according to the purchasing process

There are several steps in any purchasing decision, which most consumers will go through before they finally buy. Create content that can help lead them from one step to the next.

We can label these steps as:

  • Perception of need
  • General research
  • Comparison research
  • Specific research
  • Reading reviews, seeking opinions
  • Purchase

Sometimes your great video can create a perception of need, and they will be so excited they will skip all the other steps and go straight to purchasing. You can do this by answering as many questions up front as possible that might cause them to hesitate. You can also persuade them so effectively and impress your audience so much that they will go straight to the end of the process.

9 – Create new products and content according to the “buying cycle”

As we have mentioned, in relation to any niche, the largest number of consumers will be beginners. They will be search for both free and paid products that can help them improve their skills.

However, beginners will not stay beginners forever. Therefore, think about each product you create as a stepping-stone leading from one purchasing process to the next even as you lead them from beginner to intermediate.

10 – Make it easy to buy

Have clear calls to action and an easy way for them to buy and get their product.

In our next blog post, we will be rounding off this series by answering the question of why you should add live streaming video to your marketing mix.

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