How Businesses Are Using Live Streaming Video

In this post of our series on live streaming video, LSV, Iíd like to expand your horizons by outlining just a few of the ways that businesses all over the world are using LSV to make more money and boost their brand.

One of the most obvious ways to use LSV is as a marketing tool in order to create awareness of all your business has to offer. The Internet allows people to connect with businesses with the click of a mouse. Social media sites stream content users are interested in right to their home page so they donít need to spend hours searching for it.

Facebook allows LSV in order to create closer connections. Allowing people to feel they really ëknowí your brand increases trust, and trust leads to the willingness to buy from you. As the relationship deepens, they will not only buy from you again, they might also recommend you to others.

With billions of page views for some YouTube videos, you can see the huge potential of marketing with video. However, LSV adds a whole new dimension, that of live events happening in real time. This can create lots of buzz and excitement, just like attending a book signing, live demonstration of a product, or going to a trade show can. LSV is perfect for product launches, demonstrations on how to use the product, and more.

Coaching and Teaching
If you are thinking that LSV is only for large corporations and manufacturers, think again. Small one-person businesses such as personal coaches are using LSV to educate and inspire their clients. They offer free samples of their work to help others, and also to encourage viewers to sign on for their paid services. Thereís nothing like a good taster to leave people hungry for more.

Teachers are using it to drill their students and offer extra lessons. If youíre working as a tutor, LSV can connect you with 1 student or a dozen to prepare them for their exams and so on.

How-to instructions
LSV is ideal for step-by-step instructions and demonstrations. You can also use them to give hints and tips on how to get the best out of the product or service. If youíve ever seen an infomercial, you will get the idea. If you have ever seen a live cooking show, you know just how entertaining and informative LSV can be.

Online education is booming, both formal and informal. People are so busy these days that they have little time to waste. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth a hundred thousand words and LSV might be worth over a million.

Two of the main reasons are that they position you as an expert in your niche or industry, and you are giving them insider information that will help them gain the skills they need to succeed.

Think about it. They can read a book about cake decorating, or watch you do it live. They can read about how to improve their golf swing, or see you take them through it step by step.

With more than 70% of the population most receptive to visual learning, if you are not already using LSV, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to boost your business.

In case you are thinking it will cost a lot, we will discuss in the next blog post the kinds of things you will need in order to get started with marketing your business using LSV.

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